We Buy Louisiana Houses The flexibility you show to your buyers will go a long way toward their confidence in the deal. Rushing makes many buyers nervous as they wonder why you are in such a hurry.

New Orleans Real Estate – Slidell House Buyers: The current condition of the real estate market gives sellers good reason to be concerned. In fact, some sellers are so elated at the prospect that someone actually wants to buy their home after it has been on the market for far too long that they tend to rush the sale process. It might be somewhat like thinking that you must hurry before they change their minds.

his is one reason that buyers give for backing out of a deal with a seller. The anxiousness of the seller makes them nervous, in fact, as they wonder if there’s something they should be cautious of since the seller is in such a hurry to close the deal. There may be nothing unusual for the buyer to worry about, but being rushed makes people nervous regardless.

Be flexible with your potential buyers. Don’t seem desperate or you could be asking for trouble.

The savvy buyer might decide to take advantage of your rushed attempt to get out of the house. You could see some pretty low offers come in for the house as they will assume you’ll take a lowball offer rather than be stuck with the house you are so anxious to get rid of.

The best thing you can do is to take care that all your ducks are in a row. The house is in good shape with everything in working order and cleaned up. Get the price right the first time so you don’t have to raise it or lower while it’s on the market. Be patient and when you find a good buyer, do what you can to help them where possible, but don’t try to rush the deal. If they tell you they must wait 90 days to close, honor their request. In a state where escrow is used they may request the 90 day escrow period and you’ll have to wait anyway. Where there isn’t escrow you can do your best to wait for them. As long as the process is going along and making progress throughout the time period there is little reason to panic.

If you are in a bind and have no choice but to sell in a big hurry, try calling a real estate investor for an offer on your house. If an investor buys it you’ll be finished in just a week or two and they usually take care of all the details. Otherwise, be flexible in your time frame.

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