Take offers from only qualified buyersBeing proactive when finding a buyer can save you from going through the process over and over as unqualified buyers make offers on your house.

Selling Your House – Louisiana House Buyers: Though it’s true that home sales are definitely down, keep in mind that there are sales being made. It’s actually much better odds than playing the lottery, in fact. Don’t be discouraged if you are trying to sell your home and things are moving more slowly than you had hoped. Since some homes are selling, think of yours as one of those that will sell.

Do your part to present a wonderful product, your house, to buyers. When markets are slow it’s the better products with the best prices that tend to sell the most. Real estate is really no different than retail sales in that regard. If you have a nice house to sell, the price is a bit better than comparable listings, and you do everything you can to accommodate your buyers, you may just find a buyer after all.

Take offers from only qualified buyers to eliminate
the chance of the deal falling through at the last moment.

Attract them first with the price. See what the going rate is for houses similar to yours in your area. Then lower your price just a little, making it the best deal going in the neighborhood. Clean it up and make it look like you have taken very good care of it while you lived there. Buyers prefer to buy houses that have been looked after to those that have not. It’s less likely that they will have repairs and other issues with a house that has had the maintenance kept up.

It’s always much better to buy a house than to rent, so if your house is reasonably priced and the buyer can get a loan at a decent interest rate, you will have your house sold. It’s a good idea to ask for a letter of pre-qualification from your buyers who make an offer. This will eliminate your anticipation of a sale when the buyers have no chance of getting the needed loan to make the purchase. Sometimes that is not disclosed by the buyers until it gets close to closing and they haven’t found a lender who will fund them.

In that case you end up back at square one looking for another buyer, which is indeed discouraging. Head off that problem by taking offers from only qualified buyers and you can even ask for good faith money up front as well. Be proactive in finding a good buyer and you will save yourself much disappointment come closing time.

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