The preparation of a house for saleThe preparation of a house for sale requires either much money or your time and elbow grease.

New Orleans Real Estate – Baton Rouge Home BuyersYou may know that you need to sell your house, but you realize that most buyers would never even give it a second look in the condition it is in today. You will need to do something to make it attractive so it will sell. The problem is that you are on a very limited budget and don’t have much at all to spend on the process or the sale.

When a home seller is contacted to help you sell your house, you may be asked to do all sorts of things to make it more sellable. A realtor might ask you to change the flooring, paint inside and out, and put in a new kitchen, counter and all. This will cost money and lots of it. You don’t have that kind of money to spend or you probably wouldn’t be forced to sell your house in the first place.

 You’ll save some money by selling the house yourself or to an investor.

First of all, you can save some money by deciding to sell the house yourself or sell it to an investor. Without 3 to 6% in commissions to pay upon the sale of the house and no one giving you instructions on what you need to remodel before you can sell, you’ll save quite a bit of money and you can still get the house sold.

For about $500 or even less you can fix up the outside of the house so that the curb appeal is spectacular and you attract attention. Mow the lawn, and do it diagonally if possible as it looks better from the street. Paint your front door a bright, but complimentary color to the rest of the house. Rent a power sprayer and blow off the dirt and cobwebs. This also helps to clean off the upper windows that are hard to reach.

Buy a new set of welcome mats for the doors and put in a new porch light if the old one is funky. The mailbox can be fixed, painted, or replaced and the house number should be posted in 3” or larger numbers on the front of the house.

Inside, you can buy a few cans of cheap paint, clean very thoroughly, and remove everything that looks like clutter. These steps are easy on the budget and will take more of your elbow grease, which is free. You do need to prepare the house as much as possible for best results and hopefully, a sale.

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