House Selling TipsDo whatever maintenance chores you need to do to get it up to an acceptable and presentable condition that would make a great first impression.

House Selling – New Orleans – Harahan Home Buyers: Don’t wait until your home is on the market to do the necessary maintenance to protect the value of the home. Many people just get too busy with their everyday lives and fail to keep up the little things that matter in keeping the home up to standards. Then when they want or need to sell they must spend lots of time and money going through the house and yard catching up with what they should have been doing all along. The house has to be well maintained to catch buyers these days.

Spend a little time this weekend to assess what you will want to do to get the house looking its best for a future sale. Check the roof. Look at it from the ground and make note of any loose or deteriorated looking shingles or shakes. Plan to replace them unless the roof is in really bad shape. If that’s the case, pick a new roof that is complimentary to the color and design of the house for a new look.

Go around the outside of your house and do an assessment of the general appearance.

Clear off debris and clean out the gutters. Look at the siding and decide if it should be painted or replaced. The return on investment is very high if you do replace the siding. The same goes for the windows. Replace or repair the ones with cracks and the ones that leak air into the house. The new vinyl windows are also a great return on your investment when you sell.

The house’s exterior is important to the curb appeal so if you need to give the house a coat of paint, do so, or add new siding. The paint you buy will be returned to you by at least double in the price you get for the house. Where you can’t afford to paint the entire exterior, a good repainting of the trim, the doors, and the gutters will give it a fresh look.

If your windows don’t need replacing, keep the windows clean as a couple of years of grime that has built up will be evident and doesn’t show well for buyers. It gives a general appearance of a poorly kept home. It’s a simple thing you can do to make the house sparkle.

Check the condition and cleanliness of the patio, the fences, the steps, the sidewalks, and the driveway. Clean up or refurbish these items and get a better appraised value for the house. You’d be surprised at the importance of the first impression.

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