House Selling TipsEye popping signage and other details can bring attention to the fact that your house is for sale. If you are selling the house yourself you’ll need a good way to bring attention to your lovely home.

House Selling Tips – Chalmette LouisianaWith as many houses for sale as there is today, it seems that driving down almost any street will give you several to see as you drive by. There is sign after sign advertising that the house is for sale by various realty companies. There are increasing numbers of homes with little red and white ‘for sale by owner’ signs stuck in the front lawn or nailed to a tree out in the front along the street. These are relatively low key signs and with the frequency of homes for sale these days the signs are almost just another part of the scenery. They can easily be ignored, or perhaps simply go unnoticed by passersby.

If you are trying to sell your house and are doing so on your own, you have no real restrictions on what kind of signage you use to draw attention to the house. It’s probably not good to put up circus tents on the front lawn and huge strings of colorful flags around the yard, as you will absolutely detract from the house itself. The trick will be to make your signage different enough to be noticed without overwhelming the viewers that will fail to see the house.

The sign you might think of putting out should be simple, but bright enough to attract attention.

 Saying simply FOR SALE is good, and your contact number should be there as well. Your number should be drawn in very clear, large numbers. Make the numbers as large as possible as people driving by should ideally be able to see them without stopping, walking up on your lawn, and writing them down.

Another idea is to put up additional signs in a few other places. This way no matter what direction the passersby come from they will have the opportunity to see that the house is indeed for sale. Place one in the front yard perpendicular to the house and road with information on both sides. Then also place one on a tree or fence along the front. If you live on a corner you can also place one along the side.

Paint the front door a bright and contrasting color that stands out from the rest of the house. This attracts attention. A small bunting line of flags might work to draw a look from those driving by. Make it tasteful but eye popping for best results.

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