House Selling Tips to Sell Your House FasterTake care of the problems in the yard before inviting buyers over to see the house.

New Orleans Real Estate – Metairie Home Buyers:  One of the worst experiences in house hunting I have ever heard was regarding a tick infestation at a vacant house for sale. The buyers were walking around the outside of the house and peering in through the windows, as there was visibly no one there and there was a sign in the front yard. They called the owners who told them to have a look around.

The potential buyers absolutely fell in love with the house and the grounds. The acre surrounding the house was mowed short and all looked great. The problems for the buyers were just beginning. As they returned to their vehicle they noticed a few ticks on their legs, which they removed. Then the problem got much worse and they realized that they were both full of the ugly little disease ridden creatures under their clothing, around their waistbands, and in places you wouldn’t like to know about. Needless to say, they moved on to another house, knowing that if they bought this one they would have to deal with this problem on a regular basis.

Your buyers won’t want to purchase a home that has
infestations of unwanted pests living there.

In reality, the owners could have done an extermination of the problem before inviting buyers to come and look. Outdoor bug sprays and treatments are abundant and can be applied all around the house to keep the ticks, chiggers, beetles, ants, and roaches at bay. Living in the country or on a piece of property with a large yard does have its challenges, and this is certainly one of them. A regular regimen of mowing the grass and weeds short and treating the area with the appropriate substance will help a great deal in keeping pests away from the house.

While there is a certain amount of adventurous spirit you must have to consider living in a rural area or one with larger pieces of property, there are also time tested solutions to most of the most unpleasant situations. If you have mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, chiggers, or any of the other pests that are likely to put off potential buyers, take care of the problem before you invite them to come and have a look at your house. Know the right treatment, when to use it and how to follow up so you don’t have buyers running for the tweezers to get the ticks out of their socks.

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