If your house is going on the market and has drainage problems, you’ll want to fix them before buyers come to look at the house. Nothing puts off buyers like water damage problems.

House FloodingHouse Selling Tips: The selling of any house these days can be quite a challenge. When anything negative has happened to the house it can be even more difficult. Flooding, whether from excess rain and poor drainage to broken pipes indoors, can quickly turn into a black mold problem, which is indeed a health hazard and must be dealt with.

If there is an area around your foundation that tends to pool up when it rains heavily, fix it before you put the house on the market to avoid future problems that you could be sorry you didn’t take care of sooner. Besides just black mold, as though that isn’t damaging enough, water build up can undermine the very foundation of the house.

Water erodes even the hardest of mountains, so taking pieces of your cement foundation or causing cracks is reasonable expectation. Buyers may notice the pooling and will avoid purchasing your house as there is a universal fear among buyers of flooding and water damage whether it comes from a leaking roof or from underneath the house and seeps in.

Check the gutters to see that they are clear and free from debris. Note the way the water goes as it descends the downspout. Watch where it goes from there and if it tends to lean toward the house, purchase a downspout extender. Plastic rollups are available that simply unroll themselves as water drains through them, and then roll up once the gutters quit draining.

To help channel water away from your house’s foundation, take a good look next time it rains.

  • Find out where water tends to pool. Use a can of marking spray paint or rocks to mark the places that need drainage help.
  • Dig a small trench through the pooling area and send the water off in a different direction.
  • Be sure you don’t aim it at your neighbor’s house, however. Toward the street or other natural drain area is a good idea.

You can keep the channel as a new landscape feature by filling it with decorative rock to make it look like a stream and plant water plants and flowers along the edge. Add a small bridge and you have a magical yard to enjoy until someone buys the house. If you don’t wish to create a landscape feature, just fill the trench with gravel and the water should travel along it to the desired runoff target instead of toward the house.

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