Three Steps to Selling a HouseThere are three simple things you must do if you plan to sell your own house. Make a plan and follow it for best results.

Louisiana Real Estate – Metairie House Buyers: When choosing to sell your own home, you must be aware of the three things you will have to do to get a successful sale. The steps sound simple and if taken one at a time should be easy enough for you to accomplish. Each step does have its own sub-steps, though, so be aware that there will be plenty for you to do that will keep you quite busy.

Step 1) As in all worthwhile endeavors, is to plan for the sale. Create a timeline plan to help guide you through the fix-up, clean-up, spruce-up process. This should be done on both the inside and the outside of the house. The better the place looks, the more likely you are to sell it to someone who sees it as their new ‘home.’ By planning and checking off the items on your task list you are less likely to overlook something that could prove to be important to a buyer. Take a notepad or your laptop around the house, starting with the front entry, and make a list of everything you think should be tackled. List the cleaning of the living room curtains, the wiping of fingerprints from the entry door, etc. It’s less overwhelming to attack one small task at a time, then check it off the list, than to look at a whole room and shake your head, not knowing where to begin

Step 2) Make a good estimate of what the asking price will be. Know the details of your house like the number of bedrooms, baths, and the square footage so you can do comparisons around the neighborhood. You’ll compare similar that are for sale now, as well as those that actually have sold in the past couple of weeks. That will give you an idea of what the market will bear. Just because the house is worth $225k doesn’t mean buyers are willing to pay that much. If there’s one similar down the street that just sold for $195k that’s probably more realistic.

Step 3) Market the house. You’ll have to come up with both traditional and creative ways to let friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances know that the house is for sale. They can spread the word for you to speed up the process. List the house online as well, as studies show more than eight out of ten buyers today look first online to narrow down their choices.

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