Windowsills Frame Natural Light

You can use cellular PVC instead of Cedar , because Cedar will eventually rot once again.

Home Buyers In New Orleans LA: Your house’s windowsills frame the natural light that comes through your windows. One of the best selling points of a house is the natural light that can be experienced by the buyer. If it’s such an important feature, you can bet the buyer will notice your windowsills. They may be rotted from time and the elements, or perhaps you have a dog that mimics a windowsill eating piranha when the mail man walks by. In any case, the windowsills can be fixed and repainted to look like new.

Where there is a small area to be repaired, you can fix it by using epoxy to fill the holes. If the area is larger, though, you may need to replace the sill with a new one. You can use cellular PVC instead of wood if the rot is outside. Cedar is usually the lumber of choice for windowsill projects, but it is actually more expensive than PVC and it will eventually rot once again. Buy a piece of PVC that comes in solid thickness and looks similar to the profile of the rest of the window frame.

“Use PVC trim boards to replace the side frame casings if necessary.”

Remove the casings, or frame, on the sides of the window. If they are in bad shape, now is a good time to fix them, too. You can make new ones by using the old ones as templates. Make a flush cut of the bottom sill piece using a multitool or other oscillating saw blade. A circular saw can work here, too. Smooth it out with a plane.

Now add adhesive to the area that will take the new sill material. First, drill holes in the original wood so the adhesive gets a good grip. Using a marine adhesive works best as it is water proof. Install the new sill against the adhesive, pressing firmly. To hold it in place, you’ll drill deck screws 3 1/2” long into the new sill. Go straight into the house siding with it and keep going until the screw sits just below the surface.

Wipe away excess adhesive right away before it sets. There may be gaps here and there but you can fill them with more adhesive or caulking. Fill in the depressions made by the screw heads with adhesive. You can overfill the screw head holes and sand them to flush after the adhesive is completely dried. Use PVC trim boards to replace the side frame casings if necessary. Secure them with caulk along the outer edge and ring nails sunk subsurface.

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