Sell Your House Fast in New Orleans!

Sell Your House Fast in New OrleansWe buy houses in the Greater New Orleans Area and surrounding areas including Metairie, Kenner, Harahan, Slidell, Chalmette, and Baton Rouge. If your property meets our buying criteria we will come out to see it, we will provide you with a firm written offer. We will explain everything to you in plain, everyday English. We will be 100% direct, clear and honest with you... from start to finish.

Deep South Homebuyers is backed by a group of private investors and we buy a number of houses each month throughout the Southern Parishes of Louisiana... and in every price range. But the best part is... we use private funds that require no long, drawn out bank approvals. So we can act fast!


We Will Buy Your Houses “As Is”!

Do not spend the time or money repairing your home and getting it ready to show…. We will buy your home “As Is” so you don't have to do the work. We are as serious about buying your house as you are about selling it. Selling a house is usually an expensive and complicated process. That's why real estate agents make thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars on a single sale. But, when we buy your house, there are no commissions to pay and best of all there is no “waiting” involved.

Call us today at 985-441-9733 and leave a message on our 24 hour recorded message line. Or Visit us at and fill out our online seller questionnaire.

Check Buyer’s Ability to Obtain a Loan

Three Steps to Selling a HouseThe excitement of finding a buyer can cloud the reality of the sale. Be sure that the buyer is able to get a loan so you aren’t blindsided at closing.

Harahan Louisiana House BuyersBuyers will have specific items that they must get in order before they can buy your house. It’s best for you to know what those items are so you can do some pre-qualifying of your own when someone comes to look at your house and shows definite interest in buying it.

Don’t Forget About Liens and Other Encumbrances

We Buy Louisiana HousesLiens, back taxes, and other encumbrances subtract from your profits when you sell your house. If you aren’t sure of what is owed, check with a title company.

House Selling tip – Harahan LA: In determining what you will receive when you sell your house, there are items that you will be responsible for that may reduce the profit that you will receive, if any. Selling the house when you have already paid it off and there are no other amounts owed on it is the best of circumstances. It’s also quite rare. That’s one situation that allows you to come up with an asking price, and then sell the house knowing you will only be out the cost of marketing the house, the closing fees, and any contingencies the buyer has asked for and you have agreed to.

Selling in a Sluggish Market

Selling in a Sluggish Market

Try offering a home warranty, and a year of lawn maintenance service.

Sell House Fast – New Orleans LA: The real estate is currently very sluggish. Homes are not selling in the usual robust manner that they were a decade ago when the economy was very different. Foreclosures, short sales, and those selling before foreclosure catches up with them is making it difficult for the average homeowner to sell these days. The homeowners that need to sell in desperate situations are selling at below market value, banks are auctioning off property at a fraction of the value, and the homeowners that need to get out in a hurry are also selling to investors at below market value.

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