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Factors That Make Your Home Worth Less

Factors That Make Your Home Worth Less

When you are doing your comps, keep in mind that houses with offensive smoke or pet odors rarely sell for market value.

Sell House Fast – New Orleans LA: When you plan to sell your house you will first want to do a comparison of other houses in your area that are for sale. Take a good look at the houses that are no longer for sale as they have been sold and see how much they sold for. Look only at the houses that are similar to yours in square footage and types and numbers of rooms. Once you get the comp prices, you can put an appropriate asking price on your home. Then you’ll set out to find out if there is anything about or in your home that may reduce the value of it on the market. Those are things that you’ll want to fix or downplay where possible.

Personal Details are Important when Selling

Personal Details are Important when Selling

“Buyers do think in personal detail, most  lean more toward using rooms for what they were originally intended.”

We Buy Houses – New Orleans LA: Arrange some furniture in your house that’s for sale, even if you are no longer there. It will help the buyer to imagine what it’s like to live there. This is why it is important to leave at least some furniture in the house you are selling. [ more..]

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Options for First Time Home Sellers

Three Steps to Selling a HouseSelling a house isn’t easy. If this is your first attempt, knowing what options you have will help to make the sale go easier.

Sell Your House Fast – Kenner LA: The selling of a house can be a big mystery if you’ve never done it before. It is very different from selling your kids’ outgrown bicycles or your old golf clubs. Keep in mind that buying your house will be the biggest purchase your buyer has ever made. Since you bought the house you will be selling, you must remember the feeling of signing that contract and promising to spend the next 30 years paying for it. You will also be buying another home when you’ve sold this one, so just keep the buyer in mind when you go through the process. Treat the buyer the way you wish to be treated by those who sell their home to you.

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