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House Selling – Don’t Let Discouragement Get the Best of You

Take offers from only qualified buyersBeing proactive when finding a buyer can save you from going through the process over and over as unqualified buyers make offers on your house.

Selling Your House – Louisiana House Buyers: Though it’s true that home sales are definitely down, keep in mind that there are sales being made. It’s actually much better odds than playing the lottery, in fact. Don’t be discouraged if you are trying to sell your home and things are moving more slowly than you had hoped. Since some homes are selling, think of yours as one of those that will sell.

Selling with a Quick Claim Deed

Selling with a Quick Claim Deed

“Each state has specific laws where quit claims are concerned, but for the most part, the house can be sold.”

We Buy Houses | New Orleans LA: Quit claim deeds are filed by many and for different reasons. A house with a quit claim deed in place can still be sold as long as the liens and mortgages are satisfied. There are timing laws with quit claims to keep owners from signing over on a quit claim, then selling the property. [ more..]

Don’t Forget About Liens and Other Encumbrances

We Buy Louisiana HousesLiens, back taxes, and other encumbrances subtract from your profits when you sell your house. If you aren’t sure of what is owed, check with a title company.

House Selling tip – Harahan LA: In determining what you will receive when you sell your house, there are items that you will be responsible for that may reduce the profit that you will receive, if any. Selling the house when you have already paid it off and there are no other amounts owed on it is the best of circumstances. It’s also quite rare. That’s one situation that allows you to come up with an asking price, and then sell the house knowing you will only be out the cost of marketing the house, the closing fees, and any contingencies the buyer has asked for and you have agreed to.

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